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Cast Your Net

Bottom Line: The message never changes, but our methods will. Message: No one could’ve imagined what we are currently facing in our...

Keep Them Interested

Young people nowadays want to be part of the process and not bystanders. Having students involved in the process gets them involved and...


Many of us can become paralyzed by the unknown and the uncertain. So much so that it clouds and blurs our vision. Here are some steps

What Will They Remember?

This made me ask myself this question, what will my students remember after High School? As Youth Pastors we spend so much time and energy..

The Bottom of the Ninth

I’m a huge sports fan and I grew up watching baseball, given that my parents are from Nicaragua and that legitimately was the only sport...

Trust the Process

Allow the season that you find yourself in cultivate growth and patience to get you to your destination. Enjoy every moment of it.

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