Bottom Line: Ringing in a new year of newness with 20/20 vision!


The new year is here and many of us are ringing in a new year of newness. This can be anything from being promoted to a new position, having more responsibilities, finding yourself at a new church or just having to build relationships with new students in your ministry. Newness brings about plenty of great opportunities and yet at the same time it can be plagued with many uncertainties. This coming year we get to ring in not only a new year, but a new decade. Pause for a second and think of where you can be in the next 10 years in your ministry career. Truly the sky is the limit and ultimately, it’s all in the Lord’s hands. Yet I believe that we can be intentional in how we plan for this next decade of ministry. What will be vital in our success in ministry is how and what lens we are looking through as we plan.

I unfortunately have been cursed with having bad vison, maybe my mom was right in not sitting so close to the T.V. as a kid, but nevertheless I have to wear glasses. My doctor seems to have a different name for my glasses as he calls them corrective lenses. This is because I no longer have the ability to see 20/20 on my own. I am nearsighted, which means I can see what’s before me, but I cannot see what’s ahead since its blurry. I need glasses to correct my vision in order to see what’s at a distance as I drive or if I’m sitting in the back of a classroom. I need my glasses to bring my vision into focus.

Many of us can become paralyzed by the unknown and the uncertain. So much so that it clouds and blurs our vision. I want to offer you some steps to correct your vision as you walk into this new year of newness.

1) Focus

You have to focus on the vision God has given you for your group and how you will execute it. Vision is unique to every individual and has to be executed by you in a way you can only do so. I have many friends who wear glasses and at times we try each other’s glasses to see who is blinder. Truth be told is that I haven’t found a pair of glasses that belonged to someone else that I could honestly say that I could see through them. This is because my eyesight is unique as is yours. In other words, you can’t use someone else’s vision for your ministry just as someone else can’t use your vision for theirs. Doing so will be frustrating and will bring things out of focus. Focus on your vision and execute the plan.

2) Clarity

The more you walk in your vision the more clearer everything will become. I remember the very first time I put glasses on after finding out I needed them. It was is as if I could see everything so much clearer. The traffic signs were no longer blurry, and I could make people’s faces from a distance. It’s the same with vision. When you have the right lens to discern what God has placed on your heart, you will know who and what you need to go after to make it happen. Sometimes it’s not so much that doors aren’t opening, it’s that we can’t even see the door because we aren’t seeing things through the right lens. We don’t have to squint to see what God has for us when we have the right lens.

3) Adjust

Anytime you get a new pair of glasses or a new prescription, your eyes have to adjust to the glasses. This is because your eyes aren’t used to it. It’s vital that we allow our God given vision time for us to adjust to it. This means that it won’t happen overnight, and it may not even happen your first year or second. Your adjustment isn’t an acceptance of defeat, its actually embracing your new lens to bring your vision into focus in order to gain clarity and understanding for what God has in store for you. This is all part of the process of you walking into your new season. Give yourself time and grace to adjust to it.

4) Check Up

Anyone who wears glasses knows that your corrective lens prescription is good for two years. After that your eyesight might need an adjustment. Most of the time it’s very slight that we might not notice on our own until we have this crazy looking machine with every possible corrective lens ever imagine in which you find out your new prescription if needed. All that to say that you must check up on your God given vision to slightly change the way you execute in order to for it to become effective in your context. If you use the same lens for the next decade you will miss many opportunities to minister effectively and intentionally. Take the time to check up on your vision in order to be accurate in the way you see and do things.

I believe that as we ring in a new year of newness that we are going to have correct our vision in order to be able to see not just what God has before us, but also what He has ahead for us. God gives us all vision for our ministry, and I believe that 2020 is the year in which God will bring clarity to many of your prayers that have been in limbo or that you have felt that haven’t been heard. You are walking into a season in which God is ready to shift and move things to work on your behalf. You’re there not by accident, but because God wants you there. You may not feel smart enough, qualified or even a good fit in your ministry or organization, but you have to realize that God doesn’t call us to comfort, He calls us out of comfort. The beauty of this is that we walk by faith and not by sight. You may have bad eyes like I do, but if you have excellent spiritual vision everything will fall into place, because all you need is to have vision in order to journey through the foggy path of uncertainty.

Praying for you and your ministry!

Jimmy Gomez

Joshua 1:9

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